ReportDimensionField represents a report data source dimension field.

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(
    string $code,
    string $displayName,
    ?string $columnName = null,
    bool $sortable = false,
    bool $filterable = false
): void

Creates a new dimension field.

public getCode()

public getCode(): string 

Returns the dimension field code.

public getColumnName()

public getColumnName(): ?string 

Returns the database column name if it was provided in the constructor.

public getDataSetColumName()

public getDataSetColumName(): string 

Returns a query column name corresponding to this dimension field.

public getDisplayName()

public getDisplayName(): string 

Returns the dimension field display name.

public getIsFilterable()

public getIsFilterable(): bool 

Determines if the field is filterable

public getIsSortable()

public getIsSortable(): bool 

Determines if the field is sortable

public static validateCode()

public static validateCode($code): void

Validates a dimension field code.