BlueprintVerifier super class responsible for validating blueprints

Protected Properties

protected array $reservedFieldNames

reservedFieldNames are field names that cannot be used as field names.

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Public Methods

public static instance()

public static instance(): static 

instance creates a new instance of this singleton

public verifyBlueprint()

public verifyBlueprint($blueprint): void

Protected Methods

protected findLineFromKeyValPair()

protected findLineFromKeyValPair($content, $key, $val): void

protected validateFieldset()

protected validateFieldset($blueprint): void

protected validateSupportedTypes()

protected validateSupportedTypes($blueprint): void

validateSupportedTypes checks for valid blueprint types

protected validateYamlSyntax()

protected validateYamlSyntax($blueprint): void

validateYamlSyntax checks the YAML syntax and parses attributes

protected yamlToBlueprintException()

protected yamlToBlueprintException($blueprint, $ex): void

yamlToBlueprintException is a workaround to access protected property rawMessage