AssetCollectionFilterIterator collection filter iterator.

The filter iterator is responsible for de-duplication of leaf assets based on both strict equality and source URL.

  • RecursiveFilterIterator
  • FilterIterator
  • IteratorIterator
  • RecursiveIterator
  • OuterIterator
  • Traversable
  • Iterator

Protected Properties

protected $visited

protected $sources

Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(
    AssetCollectionIterator $iterator,
    array $visited = [],
    array $sources = []
): void


public accept()

public accept(): Boolean 

Determines whether the current asset is a duplicate.

De-duplication is performed based on either strict equality or by matching sources.

public getChildren()

public getChildren(): RecursiveFilterIterator|null 

Passes visited objects and source URLs to the child iterator.

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Inherited Public Methods

  • current() - (defined in IteratorIterator)
  • getInnerIterator() - (defined in IteratorIterator)
  • hasChildren() - (defined in RecursiveFilterIterator)
  • key() - (defined in IteratorIterator)
  • next() - (defined in FilterIterator)
  • rewind() - (defined in FilterIterator)
  • valid() - (defined in IteratorIterator)