AuthException used when user authentication fails. Implements a softer error message

  • Stringable
  • Throwable

Public Properties

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Protected Properties

protected static string $errorMessage

errorMessage default soft error message

protected static array $errorCodes

errorCodes for each error distinction.

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Public Methods

public __construct()

public __construct(
    string $message = '',
    int $code = 0,
    Exception $previous = null
): void

__construct softens a detailed authentication error with a more vague message when the application is not in debug mode for security reasons.

public static setDefaultErrorMessage()

public static setDefaultErrorMessage($message): void

setDefaultErrorMessage will override the soft error message displayed to the user

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Protected Methods

protected useSoftErrors()

protected useSoftErrors(): bool 

useSoftErrors determines if soft errors should be used, set by config and when enabled uses less specific error messages.

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