Less.php Compiler Filter Class used to compiled stylesheet less files, not using leafo!

  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\FilterInterface
  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\HashableInterface
  • October\Rain\Assetic\Filter\DependencyExtractorInterface

Protected Properties

protected $presets

protected $lastHash

Public Methods

public filterDump()

public filterDump($asset): void

public filterLoad()

public filterLoad($asset): void

public getChildren()

public getChildren($factory, $content, $loadPath = null): void

Load children recusive

public hash()

public hash(): string 

Generates a hash for the object

public hashAsset()

public hashAsset($asset, $localPath): void

public setHash()

public setHash($hash): void

public setPresets()

public setPresets($presets): void