Protected Properties

protected array $formWidgets

formWidgets stored in the form of ['FormWidgetClass' => $formWidgetInfo]

protected array $formWidgetCallbacks

formWidgetCallbacks cache

protected array $formWidgetHints

formWidgetHints keyed by their code. Stored in the form of ['formwidgetcode' => 'FormWidgetClass'].

Public Methods

public listFormWidgets()

public listFormWidgets(): array 

listFormWidgets returns a list of registered form widgets.

public registerFormWidget()

public registerFormWidget(
    string $className,
    array $widgetInfo = null
): void 

registerFormWidget registers a single form widget.

public registerFormWidgets()

public registerFormWidgets($definitions): void

registerFormWidgets manually registers form widget for consideration. Usage:

WidgetManager::registerFormWidgets(function ($manager) {
    $manager->registerFormWidget(\Backend\FormWidgets\CodeEditor::class, 'codeeditor');

public resolveFormWidget()

public resolveFormWidget(string $name): string 

resolveFormWidget returns a class name from a form widget code Normalizes a class name or converts an code to its class name.