OctoberUtilCommands is a dedicated class for utility commands

Protected Methods

protected utilCompileAssets()

protected utilCompileAssets($type = null): void

protected utilCompileJs()

protected utilCompileJs(): void

protected utilCompileLang()

protected utilCompileLang(): void

protected utilCompileLess()

protected utilCompileLess(): void

protected utilCompileScss()

protected utilCompileScss(): void

protected utilGitPull()

protected utilGitPull(): void

utilGitPull requires the git binary to be installed

protected utilPurgeOrphans()

protected utilPurgeOrphans(): void

utilPurgeOrphans deletes files in "system_files" that do not belong to any other model

protected utilPurgeResizer()

protected utilPurgeResizer(): void

utilPurgeResizer deletes all resizer files in the resources directory

protected utilPurgeThumbs()

protected utilPurgeThumbs(): void

utilPurgeThumbs deletes all thumbnail files in the uploads directory

protected utilPurgeUploads()

protected utilPurgeUploads(): void

utilPurgeUploads deletes files in the uploads directory that do not exist in the "system_files" table

protected utilSetBuild()

protected utilSetBuild(): void