EntriesField allows association to entries

  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Arrayable
  • ArrayAccess
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Jsonable
  • JsonSerializable

Public Properties

public string $source

source UUID of the section

public int|null $maxItems

maxItems allowed

public string $inverse

inverse the relationship definition, set to the field name

public string $displayMode

displayMode for the relationship

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Protected Properties

protected mixed $sourceCache

sourceCache of the source blueprint

protected mixed $fieldsetCache

fieldsetCache of the source content fieldset definition

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Public Methods

public defineConfig()

public defineConfig($config): void

defineConfig will process the field configuration.

public defineFilterScope()

public defineFilterScope($filter, $context = null): void

public defineFormField()

public defineFormField($form, $context = null): void

defineFormField will define how a field is displayed in a form.

public defineListColumn()

public defineListColumn($list, $context = null): void

public extendDatabaseTable()

public extendDatabaseTable($table): void

public extendModelObject()

public extendModelObject($model): void

extendModelObject will extend the record model.

public getSingularKeyName()

public getSingularKeyName(): void

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Protected Methods

protected defineFormFieldAsRelationController()

protected defineFormFieldAsRelationController($field): void

protected defineInverseModelRelationship()

protected defineInverseModelRelationship($model): void

protected defineModelRelationship()

protected defineModelRelationship($model): void

protected getSourceBlueprint()

protected getSourceBlueprint(): void

getSourceBlueprint validates and converts source to a blueprint

protected getSourceFieldset()

protected getSourceFieldset(): void

getSourceFieldset returns the source fieldset definition for checking inverse relations

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