Updater executes database migration and seed scripts based on their filename.

Protected Properties

protected static bool $skippingErrors

skippingErrors determines if exceptions should be thrown

protected static array $requiredPathCache

requiredPathCache paths that have already been required.

Public Methods

public getClassFromFile()

public getClassFromFile(string $file): string 

getClassFromFile extracts the namespace and class name from a file.

public packDown()

public packDown($file): void

packDown a migration or seed file.

public resolve()

public resolve(string $file): object 

resolve a migration instance from a file.

public setUp()

public setUp($file): void

setUp a migration or seed file.

public static skipErrors()

public static skipErrors(bool $state = true): void

skipErrors will continue through exceptions

Protected Methods

protected isValidScript()

protected isValidScript($object): void

isValidScript checks if the object is a valid update script.

protected runMethod()

protected runMethod($migration, $method): void

runMethod on a migration or seed