• JsonSerializable
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Jsonable
  • ArrayAccess
  • Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Arrayable

Public Properties

public array $fieldsetConfig

fieldsetConfig definition

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Protected Properties

protected bool $useGroups

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Public Methods

public defineConfig()

public defineConfig($config): void

defineConfig will process the field configuration.

public defineFormField()

public defineFormField($form, $context = null): void

defineFormField will define how a field is displayed in a form.

public defineListColumn()

public defineListColumn($list, $context = null): void

public extendModelObject()

public extendModelObject($model): void

extendModelObject will extend the record model.

public validateConfig()

public validateConfig(): void

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Protected Methods

protected getCleanFormConfig()

protected getCleanFormConfig(): array 

getCleanFormConfig strips fields from the repeater configuration, since they are provided by the RepeaterItem::defineFormFields model

protected getRepeaterTableName()

protected getRepeaterTableName($model): void

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