Datasource base class

Protected Properties

protected bool $forceDeleting

forceDeleting indicates if the record is currently being force deleted

protected October\Rain\Halcyon\Processors\Processor $postProcessor

protected array $emitterSingleEventCollection

emitterSingleEventCollection of events to be fired once only

protected array $emitterEventCollection

emitterEventCollection of all registered events

protected array $emitterEventSorted

emitterEventSorted collection

Public Methods

public bindEvent()

public bindEvent($event, $callback, $priority = 0): void 

bindEvent creates a new event binding

public bindEventOnce()

public bindEventOnce($event, $callback, $priority = 0): void 

bindEventOnce creates a new event binding that fires once only

public delete()

public delete($dirName, $fileName, $extension): bool 

delete against the datasource

public fireEvent()

public fireEvent(
    string $event,
    array $params = [],
    boolean $halt = false
): array 

fireEvent and call the listeners

public forceDelete()

public forceDelete($dirName, $fileName, $extension): bool 

forceDelete a record against the datasource

public getPostProcessor()

public getPostProcessor(): October\Rain\Halcyon\Processors\Processor 

getPostProcessor used by the connection

public makeCacheKey()

public makeCacheKey($name = ''): string 

makeCacheKey unique to this datasource

public unbindEvent()

public unbindEvent($event = null): void 

unbindEvent destroys an event binding

Protected Methods

protected emitterEventSortEvents()

protected emitterEventSortEvents($eventName, $combined = []): array 

emitterEventSortEvents sorts the listeners for a given event by priority