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Media Finder Renders a record finder field.

image: label: Some image type: media prompt: Click the %s button to find a user

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public void __construct()


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  • protected array emitterEventSortEvents(string $eventName) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Sort the listeners for a given event by priority.
  • protected boolean extendableIsAccessible(mixed $class, string $propertyName) - defined in October\Rain\Extension\Extendable. Checks if a property is accessible, property equivalent of is_callable().
  • protected void extensionExtractMethods(string $extensionName, object $extensionObject) - defined in October\Rain\Extension\Extendable. Extracts the available methods from a behavior and adds it to the.
  • protected void fillFromConfig(array $properties=NULL) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Transfers config values stored inside the $config property directly.
  • protected string getAssetEntryBuildPath(array $asset) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Internal helper, attaches a build code to an asset path.
  • protected string getAssetScheme(string $asset) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Internal helper, get asset scheme.
  • protected void getLocalPath($relativePath) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase.
  • protected string getSession(string $key=NULL, string $default=NULL) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Retrieves a widget related key/value pair from session data.
  • protected void handleViewException(Exception $e, int $obLevel) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Handle a view exception.
  • protected void loadAssets() - defined in Backend\FormWidgets\MediaFinder.
  • protected string makeSessionId() - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Returns a unique session identifier for this widget and controller action.
  • protected void putSession(string $key, string $value) - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Saves a widget related key/value pair in to session data.
  • protected void removeDuplicates() - defined in Backend\Classes\WidgetBase. Removes duplicate assets from the entire collection.