Improved Pricing Structure

Posted in Announcements on Nov 02, 2021

As you may have noticed, things are moving faster than ever since the announcement of a new business model to ensure the continuity and sustainability of October CMS. We want to keep this momentum going and have revised the pricing structure to better accommodate the needs of our customers for the number of licenses and services we provide.

October CMS 2 Stable Release is Live!

Posted in Announcements on Aug 03, 2021

We are proud to announce that the stable release of the October CMS 2 is now available! The release represents over a year of design, research and development effort, which resulted in multiple new features and changes.

New in October CMS - 6th July 2021

Posted in Announcements on Jul 06, 2021

Over here at October CMS, things are moving faster than ever - so we're giving you a quick roundup of the recent updates.

How October CMS Helps to Send Messages to the Future: Linkness

Posted in Case Studies on Jun 09, 2021

When a company experiences astonishing results, we can’t help but want to share that with you. Today we highlight the story and success of long-time October CMS partner, Linkness.

One Click Deployment Is Ready

Posted in Announcements on Jun 04, 2021

Today we are happy to announce that the One Click Deployment plugin is ready for you to use in your October CMS developer environments. The plugin uses the latest features of the platform and is compatible with version 2.0 and above.

Introducing CMS Editor Extensibility API

Posted in Announcements, Tutorials on May 31, 2021

At October CMS we often see our customers use the system features in unexpected ways. The flexibility of the platform makes possible things that we have not thought of. Today we are introducing the CMS Extensibility API that allows you to extend the CMS Editor user interface with custom buttons, popups and fields. We believe you will put that feature to creative use!

October CMS 2.0 Has Arrived!

Posted in Announcements on May 04, 2021

Dear friends, today we are releasing updates to October CMS that we have been working on for many months: a new platform, new website, new support model, new planning process and a new business model. The new business model is required to put October CMS on a sustainable footing.

October CMS Moves to Become a Paid Platform

Posted in Announcements on Apr 12, 2021

October CMS has become a primary platform for professional developers and digital studios all around the world. Businesses depend on our platform. Our mission is to help them succeed, and this means that we must harness opportunities to do so.

Luke Towers is departing the October CMS team

Posted in Announcements on Mar 03, 2021

We regretfully announce that Luke Towers will be leaving his post as October CMS Community Manager effective March 3, 2021.