New in October CMS - 2nd March 2022

Posted in Announcements on Mar 02, 2022

Hello everyone ,

Over here at October CMS, we have some new features that we just couldn’t wait to share with you. Here is a quick roundup of the recent updates available in version 2.2.

A Completely Redesigned Repeater with New Builder Mode

The repeater form widget has been redesigned visually and includes a new builder display mode for designing block-based layouts. Relation support has also been added so you can finally use form widgets with infinite nesting .

The Demo Theme Has Been Upgraded!

The default demonstration theme that ships with October CMS has been upgraded to use Bootstrap 5 and Laravel Mix out of the box. It has an improved design pattern and is a great way to get your custom project started.


Sortable Model Relations

The Relation Controller used for reordering records now allows you to reorder related records natively. Sorting relations that use Has-Many and Belongs-To-Many types from the primary record is now a breeze to implement!


Media Finder Supports Multiple Asset Selection

By popular demand, the Media Finder widget has been rewritten to support multiple asset selection. Now you can choose as many media assets in a single selection and even restrict the number of items that can be selected.


Backend Password Policy

You can now specify minimum requirements for backend passwords. This feature represents the beginning of an initiative to encourage security best practices by baking them directly into the core platform. Additional security tips are also displayed in the dashboard area.


More Features Found at the Release Note

These are just a handful of changes that are available in version 2.2 of October CMS. If you want to get the full scope of the changes, more information on this feature release can be found on the v2.2 release note page.

That's all for now! Don't forget to keep an eye on our Portal and the Changelog to learn about planned, considered and released features.

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