Next Level Quality

Posted in Announcements, Philosophy on Feb 16, 2015

You may have heard the recent great news that October is approaching the Release Candidate phase where the codebase will be more stable and reliable. Now there is more great news - we are also preparing the next step in increasing the quality of the OctoberCMS ecosystem.

Introducing Snippets

Posted in Announcements on Feb 13, 2015

The Static Pages plugin is an important part of the OctoberCMS world. Recently we added another powerful feature to the plugin - the Snippets.

Hello Release Candidate!

Posted in Announcements on Feb 03, 2015

We are happy to announce that the Beta testing phase for October will soon be coming to an end as we are preparing to enter the next phase of development. We have also added some features to this website that will be described in more detail.

Updates in the core Components features

Posted in Announcements, Tutorials on Oct 31, 2014

We recently added a couple of new features to the CMS that was required for the Static Pages plugin. After we implemented them we realized that they add a new level of flexibility to the CMS and even change the way how the components are developed and used!

Static Pages - content blocks and placeholders

Posted in Tutorials on Oct 18, 2014

In the blog post Getting started with static pages we explained how to use the static pages and menus. We have added new features since that post and now it's time to talk about the Placeholders and Content Blocks.

First OctoberCMS anniversary!

Posted in Philosophy on Oct 03, 2014

Once upon a time there were two boys - Sam and Aleksey. They lived in different countries, thousands miles away from each other. They didn't know about each other, but there was something common between them - they wanted the world to be simpler. One day they met online. That's how OctoberCMS has started.

Getting started with Static Pages

Posted in Tutorials on Oct 01, 2014

Today we published the second functional part of the Static Pages plugin - the menu management. This feature allows you to define as many menus as you need, and create menu items that refer to static pages, URLs, blog categories and so on.

Mastering Components

Posted in Tutorials on Sep 02, 2014

There have been some requests to cover some more technical topics, so in this demonstration we will be covering the effective use of Components.

Pages and Menus - something for your clients!

Posted in Announcements on Aug 06, 2014

So far we have been focusing our effort on development tools. But this doesn't mean that we have forgotten about non-technical users of the platform. That's why we are building a new plugin, simply called Pages.

The Builder idea

Posted in Announcements, Philosophy on Jul 30, 2014

Today we want to tell you about the next big feature we've planned. This feature is mostly for developers, but it's difficult to underestimate its impact on developers building for clients.