Pages and Menus - something for your clients!

Posted in Announcements on Aug 06, 2014

So far we have been focusing our effort on development tools. But this doesn't mean that we have forgotten about non-technical users of the platform. That's why we are building a new plugin, simply called Pages.

The Builder idea

Posted in Announcements, Philosophy on Jul 30, 2014

Today we want to tell you about the next big feature we've planned. This feature is mostly for developers, but it's difficult to underestimate its impact on developers building for clients.

OctoberCMS Theme Marketplace is Here!

Posted in Announcements on Jul 24, 2014

It's a big day for the OctoberCMS community because today we're publishing the second part of the marketplace - the themes!

Theme marketplace is coming soon!

Posted in Announcements on Jul 16, 2014

Theming is the essential part of the future OctoberCMS ecosystem. The theme marketplace was in our plans from the very beginning. Authors could have seen the Add Theme button in their Account home page for a long time. Clicking the button would show the "Coming soon" alert message. Today we are happy to announce that the theming support is really coming soon!

Raising The Bar Of Quality

Posted in Philosophy on Jul 02, 2014

Today we're publishing a guest post written by a friend of OctoberCMS, Chad Cantrell. Chad AKA ChadStrat has been developing PHP plugins and commercial products for several platforms over the years.

Markdown only for Plugin content

Posted in Announcements on Jun 25, 2014

We have removed the ability to use HTML in the plugin descriptions, reviews and all other contents provided by authors and website visitors. There are two primary reasons for this: security and styling quality.

Marketplace updates are live!

Posted in Announcements on Jun 24, 2014

Dear friends, today we published some of the Marketplace updates we discussed in the previous post - Upcoming changes in the Marketplace. The update includes the new author tools and other improvements.

Upcoming changes in the Marketplace

Posted in Announcements, Philosophy on Jun 17, 2014

At the moment we are finishing several significant extensions and improvements to the Marketplace. We are going to provide authors with new tools and, and sometimes with kind words of advice.

Building a Blog and Forum

Posted in Tutorials on Jun 05, 2014

This screencast demonstrates in detail how to build a simple Blog and Forum website using components.

OctoberCMS website gallery

Posted in Announcements on Jun 02, 2014

Today we are glad to announce the new Gallery section. In the Gallery we are going to collect the best websites made with October.