Running October on AWS - Part 2

Posted in Architecture, Tutorials on May 27, 2019

This post continues as the second part of the Running October on AWS series. In this article, we are going to install the web server software and October CMS on the Staging server. We will also create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), containing the configured web server and October installation.

Running October on AWS - Part 1

Posted in Architecture, Tutorials on Apr 25, 2019

We are often asked by the community whether websites and applications built with October CMS can be scalable and if it’s possible to build a high-availability infrastructure running October. In this post series we will explain how to build cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Marketplace update - more accurate installation counting

Posted in Announcements on Apr 08, 2019

Today we've released a small but important update to the marketplace. We have always been using the number of projects as the popularity indicator for free plugins and themes. From now on the marketplace will display the number of installations for free products instead. This is a more precise method of showing how popular a product is within the October community.

1Pilot Updates: Email Verification and Centralized Error Logs

Posted in Announcements on Apr 03, 2019

1Pilot is an advanced monitoring and management platform for all your OctoberCMS sites. The service launched with an extended free-trial period in November 2018, when more than 150 users tested the platform with over 500 sites, many of whom have carried on using the full post-launch service. The team at inetis have been working hard to launch the full 1Pilot service, which went live in February 2019. Since then, inetis has released its first batch of major updates, which bring exciting and useful new tools to the platform as suggested by early-adopters.

Marketplace Success Story: Form Builder

Posted in Case Studies on Feb 05, 2019

Form Builder is the top performing plugin on the October CMS marketplace. Added in August of 2015, it quickly became popular and by that time it was used in 1000+ projects. For a long time, it proudly took first place in the Best Paid Plugins chart. We asked Michał Płodowski, the plugin author, to share his experience of developing, supporting and selling a popular product on the October marketplace.

Introducing Bundles

Posted in Announcements on Jan 28, 2019

Today we are introducing a new product type on the October CMS marketplace ­ bundles. Bundles are containers for plugins and themes, which can be added to a project with one click.

Marketplace updates and reorganization

Posted in Announcements on Dec 04, 2018

Since the day when our first marketplace author published the first third-party plugin, we’ve received new product review requests almost daily. As of today, there are more than 600 plugins on the marketplace, and now we can see trends and stats which help us to optimize the plugins marketplace and make it simpler for the October CMS community to find extensions they want to use in their projects. Today we are rolling out some important updates, which will improve marketplace usability and remove some unnecessary elements.

LOVATA Chooses October CMS After 7 Years with MODX

Posted in Case Studies on Nov 26, 2018

LOVATA is a top-performing software and ​web development company​ that has been distinguished by the research firm as Top Software and Web Developer, as well as leaders in numerous other categories, including PHP and Laravel development. Several years ago, while searching for a new platform to counter technical difficulties with MODX, they have decided to make the transition to October CMS. We asked the team to tell us about what has been hampering their development processes before the transition and explain why October CMS has become the optimal solution.

Black Friday Sale: Up to 50% Off Plugins and Themes!

Posted in Announcements on Nov 17, 2018

October CMS is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Get a 50% discount for popular blogging and eCommerce plugins and 15% for almost any other product!

October CMS voted the Best Flat File CMS in 2018

Posted in Announcements on Nov 14, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that October CMS was voted the Best Flat File CMS in the recent CMS Critic Award contest. This was a challenging and exciting experience with voting lasting over a month.