Protected Mode for Private Plugins & Themes

Posted in Announcements on Oct 15, 2019

Our recent update to introduce Private Plugins & Themes has drawn lots of attention. Today we are improving the feature even further by adding Protected Mode. This new feature allows authors to protect private plugins and themes from being accessible but still remains flexible if they want to share their products.

Without Protected Mode enabled, a plugin or theme can be downloaded by using its product code, for example, RainLab.Blog. Enabling Protected Mode prevents this functionality, but you can still share with others manually via the management area.

Protected Mode works differently for authors and other users:

  • As an author, you can add your protected plugin or theme directly to your October CMS installation, through the Administration Area. The installation must have an October CMS project attached to it.
  • If you want another user to have access to your private plugin or theme, you can generate a unique code on the Access tab and share it. The other user then can bind your product to a project on the Project Dashboard page.

Protected Mode feature is now enabled by default for new private plugins and themes. You can manage it on the plugin or theme Settings tab.

We hope you will find this feature helpful for your business!

Learn more:

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