On the Importance of Keeping Your Server Up to Date

Posted in Case Studies on Jan 15, 2022

On January 14, 2022, we were made aware that some Ukrainian government websites running on October CMS were targeted by hackers. The hackers replaced the website's home pages with a political message. The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation has announced that there was no data leak.

Why the Global Leader in the Field of Air-Supported Structures Decided To Migrate to October CMS

Posted in Case Studies on Dec 07, 2021

Today we are talking to Blaž Oražem, IT engineer and technical director of the Slovenian digital studio Spletna postaja. They started working with October CMS back in 2016 and today October CMS is their primary platform for developing custom solutions for different clients.

How October CMS Helps to Send Messages to the Future: Linkness

Posted in Case Studies on Jun 09, 2021

When a company experiences astonishing results, we can’t help but want to share that with you. Today we highlight the story and success of long-time October CMS partner, Linkness.

Wachem Huyge - a Talented Belgian Designer and Developer

Posted in Case Studies on Feb 24, 2020

On our blog, we try to tell stories about October CMS users from all over the world. Today we’re excited to interview Wachem Huyge, a freelance developer from a small village called Hillegem, located in Flanders, Belgium.

Why a Large Digital Studio From Slovenia Uses October CMS

Posted in Case Studies on Dec 04, 2019

Today we are talking with Roman Krušič, a Senior Digital Consultant at a Slovenian digital studio named Spletna postaja. They have transitioned to October CMS 3 years ago and today October is their primary platform.

Marketplace Success Story: Charis Ketikidis

Posted in Case Studies on Oct 22, 2019

Charis Ketikidis is an author of top-performing October CMS themes. In this post, he shares his thoughts on the commercial potential of the Marketplace for authors and tells us about the importance of product quality and customer support.

Marketplace Success Story: Form Builder

Posted in Case Studies on Feb 05, 2019

Form Builder is the top performing plugin on the October CMS marketplace. Added in August of 2015, it quickly became popular and by that time it was used in 1000+ projects. For a long time, it proudly took first place in the Best Paid Plugins chart. We asked Michał Płodowski, the plugin author, to share his experience of developing, supporting and selling a popular product on the October marketplace.

LOVATA Chooses October CMS After 7 Years with MODX

Posted in Case Studies on Nov 26, 2018

LOVATA is a top-performing software and ​web development company​ that has been distinguished by the Clutch.co research firm as Top Software and Web Developer, as well as leaders in numerous other categories, including PHP and Laravel development. Several years ago, while searching for a new platform to counter technical difficulties with MODX, they have decided to make the transition to October CMS. We asked the team to tell us about what has been hampering their development processes before the transition and explain why October CMS has become the optimal solution.

Meet ://radiantweb - an October CMS pioneer

Posted in Case Studies on Nov 01, 2018

Businesses, both web studios and their clients, continue to choose the October CMS platform. We recently had a chance to interview Chad Cantrell, an owner of a small U.S. digital studio called ://radiantweb. Several years ago, he and his colleague-wife choose to begin working mostly with October, and they haven’t looked back since.

Why a Switzerland Web Studio Has Transitioned from Joomla to October CMS

Posted in Case Studies on Oct 09, 2018

The Web agency, inetis sàrl from Switzerland, has been in business for 12 years. During their business history they’ve built more than 70 websites on Joomla. Two years ago, they made a crucial decision to adopt October CMS. As a result, October is now a primary platform for websites and web applications the company builds. As of today the company has built 25 websites on October and has migrated several websites from Joomla to October. We asked the team to tell us about the challenges they experienced before the transition and explain why October CMS became such a valuable tool for the company and their clients.