Marketplace updates are live!

Posted in Announcements on Jun 24, 2014

Dear friends, today we published some of the Marketplace updates we discussed in the previous post - Upcoming changes in the Marketplace. The updates we published:

  1. The minimum plugin price is now $5.00.
  2. Donations are integrated into the Marketplace. Donation forms in the product descriptions are not allowed anymore.
  3. Added the new plugin management dashboard with streamlined management workflow and analytics tools. Please note that we haven't been tracking timestamps for the plugin project bindings and all the exisitng bindings are dated with the today's date. This will affect the average conversion rate for the existing free products, but we have no choice. Paid plugins are not affected.
  4. The front-end plugin details page now displays the plugin version and changelog.

Other upcoming changes

HTML content in the plugin descriptions won't be allowed soon due to the security and content styling quality reasons. The simplified voting implementation and sorting by rating are still pending in our to-do list. And the most exciting part - Themes are coming soon!

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