Next Level Quality

Posted in Announcements, Philosophy on Feb 16, 2015

You may have heard the recent great news that October is approaching the Release Candidate phase where the codebase will be more stable and reliable. Now there is more great news - we are also preparing the next step in increasing the quality of the OctoberCMS ecosystem.

We just published our Quality Guidelines which have been reviewed and reworked. The updated document includes all of the old terms, has better structure, is more organized, and you'll even find some new items in there. Each item has its own number now, so they can be used as references in the product review messages.

The Review process will essentially stay the same, in addition we will be paying more attention to the details and will also require authors to follow the Quality Guidelines more closely. If there are issues with a plugin or a theme, we will provide suggestions on how to fix them while maintaining a friendly approach. Please read the new Guidelines and remember this simple rule - the better you prepare your product for approval, the faster it will be published!

Priority reviews for paid products

We receive more and more approval requests every day as the platform matures and expands. To deal with this growing number of products we are starting to provide a priority review option for paid products. This option includes:

  • Paid products to be reviewed first.
  • Help with cropping screenshots.
  • Help with improving descriptions - this including text formatting and proofreading.
  • More detailed functional testing and suggestions about the code and user interface.

We believe that these updates will bring us closer to building the best CMS platform and marketplace.

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