Shopaholic Has Reached 10,000 Installs!

Posted in Announcements on Jun 01, 2020

This is a guest post from our friends, the Shopaholic e-commerce platform. It took the Shopaholic e-commerce platform a little more than two years to reach 10,000 installs of the core module.

Shopaholic Helps Small Businesses To Overcome The COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted in Announcements on Mar 19, 2020

One hundred small businesses will get all the required licenses from the list of the Shopaholic products (plugins, as well as themes) for free to run their online e-сommerce projects.

Premium Support Plans Are Here!

Posted in Announcements on Dec 11, 2019

Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new service to the October CMS ecosystem. October has become a primary platform for professional developers and digital studios around the world, businesses directly depend on our platform. Our mission is to help them succeed, so we have developed the October CMS Premium Support Program.

Black Friday Sale: Up to 50% Off Plugins and Themes!

Posted in Announcements on Nov 20, 2019

The Black Friday rush is coming — don’t miss out on some of the greatest discounts on our Marketplace!

Protected Mode for Private Plugins & Themes

Posted in Announcements on Oct 15, 2019

Our recent update to introduce Private Plugins & Themes has drawn lots of attention. Today we are improving the feature even further by adding Protected Mode. This new feature allows authors to protect private plugins and themes from being accessible but still remains flexible if they want to share their products.

Welcome Private Plugins & Themes!

Posted in Announcements on Oct 02, 2019

We are asked this question all the time - how can I update private plugins and themes in October CMS? There are various ways to do it, but no option is as convenient as the native October CMS gateway. Today we have an answer - welcome October CMS Private Plugins & Themes!

Themes marketplace update

Posted in Announcements on Jun 06, 2019

Today we are publishing a small but significant update to the marketplace. The recent plugins marketplace improvement made the navigation and plugin search process more straightforward for marketplace users. Today’s update does the same for the Themes marketplace.

Marketplace update - more accurate installation counting

Posted in Announcements on Apr 08, 2019

Today we've released a small but important update to the marketplace. We have always been using the number of projects as the popularity indicator for free plugins and themes. From now on the marketplace will display the number of installations for free products instead. This is a more precise method of showing how popular a product is within the October community.

1Pilot Updates: Email Verification and Centralized Error Logs

Posted in Announcements on Apr 03, 2019

1Pilot is an advanced monitoring and management platform for all your OctoberCMS sites. The service launched with an extended free-trial period in November 2018, when more than 150 users tested the platform with over 500 sites, many of whom have carried on using the full post-launch service. The team at inetis have been working hard to launch the full 1Pilot service, which went live in February 2019. Since then, inetis has released its first batch of major updates, which bring exciting and useful new tools to the platform as suggested by early-adopters.

Introducing Bundles

Posted in Announcements on Jan 28, 2019

Today we are introducing a new product type on the October CMS marketplace ­ bundles. Bundles are containers for plugins and themes, which can be added to a project with one click.