October CMS 2 Stable Release is Live!

Posted in Announcements on Aug 03, 2021

We are proud to announce that the stable release of the October CMS 2 is now available! The release represents over a year of design, research and development effort, which resulted in multiple new features and changes that we have described in detail in the announcement of the new version. If you are not aware of the updates, you are welcome to check our Portal!

October CMS uses the semantic versioning scheme of major.minor.patch (eg 2.1.0). Major releases will often coincide with major Laravel Long Term Support (LTS) releases, while minor releases will be released when new features are introduced. Minor releases should never contain breaking changes.

In summary, the stable release means we won't be making breaking changes to the platform until the next major update, i.e. version 3. This means you can start using October CMS in production for your clients' websites and applications; and safely update them moving forward.

Read the Release Note for October CMS v2.1 to learn more about the technical side of the update.

Next steps

We have many plans based on your requests and suggestions. Right now, we are working on Tailor, which we consider the next step in implementing our mission of providing web developers with the highest quality CMS platform. Laravel 9 and Front-End Editing are among the top-requested features as well.

If you have ideas or suggestions please feel free to submit them through the Portal!

Thank you for your trust and confidence in us,
Your friends at October CMS

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