Laravel 9 Integration Has Begun!

Posted in Announcements on Jan 31, 2022

Hello everyone ,

We are happy to let you know that we started integrating Laravel 9 into October CMS. Laravel 9 is the next LTS version of Laravel and is expected to launch in February 2022. Laravel 9 support will be a part of October CMS version 3 and development will happen in parallel with the ongoing work on the current version 2. We expect to release the stable version 3 in a few months.

The version 3 branch already exists in the project repository. Be advised that it's a development version and it should not be used for production websites. But you are welcome to use it for trying the new platform!

Please note that PHP 8 is the minimum version supported by Laravel 9. You won't be able to use the branch if you have any PHP version below 8.

See the Release Notes if you want to learn more about the technical details.

And as usual - thanks for your support!

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