October CMS 3.0 Alpha - Early Access

Release Note 28

October CMS Version 3.0 Alpha is available early for developers that want to take advantage of the latest Laravel features. This version has been upgraded to use Laravel v9.0. During the alpha phase, October CMS v2 and v3 will be developed in parallel.

While October CMS is a stable and mature platform, the v3 alpha version should be treated as a development branch that doesn't follow traditional semantic versioning rules. It will contain newly introduced features and could contain breakages inside patch releases.

We don't recommend that you use this version in production environments unless you are an advanced user. Instead, use the stable version (v2.1+) or wait for the stable variant of this version (v3.1+) that is expected in a few months.

This is a live document that is updated continuously as an upgrade guide during the alpha phase. If you have any questions or bug reports, please email us using the contact page.

Table of Contents

Upgrading to 3.0 Alpha from 2.x

PHP Minimum Version

The new minimum PHP version for October CMS v3 is now 8.0.3. The alpha version requires PHP 8.1 or above.

Composer Dependencies

Update the following dependencies in your application's composer.json file:

  • october/all to ^3.0
  • october/rain to ^3.0
  • laravel/framework to ^9.0

If you are including individual modules, these can be updated to be the same as the october/all package.

Laravel Upgrade Guides

Please observe the following upgrade guides for the underlying Laravel PHP framework:

Continue Reading

For complete details on new features and breaking changes in v3.0, please view the 3.0 Release Note.

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