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Success Multipurpose client friendly theme with easy Page Builder


Success is a multi-purpose, responsive, Bootstrap 4 powered theme with page builder function inside. With the help of rainlab pages plugin and snippets you can build your own unique style. There are 22 premade partials that can help you build your own style using section blocks.

Create Pages with "Page Builder"

Screenshot Screenshot


  • Responsive design
  • High overall quality
  • Lightweight and very fast
  • Scroll animations
  • Bootstrap 4 carousel sliders
  • Bootstrap 4 tabs
  • Custom rich metadata
  • Subscription feature using Railab Mailchimp plugin
  • Account feature using Railab User plugin
  • Blog feature using Railab Blog plugin
  • Blog post auto creates carousel for uploaded featured images
  • 22 premade section blocks to choose
  • Blog with tags, search and popular posts
  • 2 Contact Us pages with build in client friendly google map that can show your spot only by entering your address!
  • Page builder native system using Rainlab Pages plugin and snippets for easily creating sliders, carousels, tabs, pricing tables, galleries, progress bars, services, contact us and more!

Theme settings

  • Site info and locale
  • Google fonts and FontAwesome icon Fonts
  • Brand selector, text or logo. Upload your logo and favicon
  • Enable Disqus Comments and Social Links
  • 8 pre-built color schemes that can be switched, and a custom color style option
  • Animate CSS, AOS JS, Normalize CS, Smooth Scroll, Sticky Menu, Scroll To Top, Parallax Effect Addon switchers
  • Top section with Login/Register menu and Call Us number
  • Add your own Social media with your own icons
  • Add your own Footer Gallery
  • Custom CSS and Custom JS

Section Blocks that can be used in Pages plugin

  • About section block
  • Carousel section block. You can choose as many slides you need uploading your photos.
  • Services section block. You can create as many services you need with your fontawesome icon of your choice
  • Portfolio section block. Create your gallery's uploading your images and choose if you want 2,3 or 4 column gallery.
  • Skills section block.
  • Tabs section block.
  • Pricing section block.
  • Facts section block.
  • Testimonials section block.
  • Clients section block.
  • Banner section block.
  • Team section block.
  • Blog section block.
  • Contact Us section block.
  • Contact Us 2 section block.
  • Services 2 section block.
  • Services 3 section block.
  • Tabs+Skills section block.
  • Pricing 2 section block.
  • Single Portfolio section block.
  • Breadcrumbs section block.
  • Page Header section block.

Included Sample Pages

  • About Us x 2 pages
  • Services x 2 pages
  • Pricing table x 2 pages
  • Team page
  • Portfolio with 2, 3, 4 columns and with single page
  • Contact Us x 2 pages with Google Maps geolocation
  • Blog page
  • Blog item page
  • Seacrh page
  • Tags page
  • Account page
  • Custom 404 and error pages


  • Build in page builder system that uses octobercms snippets and Rainlab pages plugin to create easily client friendly multi purpose sites.
  • Blog featured images enhancement. If you upload more than one image to a blog post, a image carousel automatically created on blog list for this blog post.
  • Reorganized folder structure for OctoberCMS
  • Additional metadata included
  • Copyright year displayed with variable

Theme created by Charis Ketikidis

For problems or errors that may occur, please make a reference to: (https://octobercms.com/theme/support/ketikidis-octobercms-success)

If you like the Theme, please, get me a good review!

Success Modular Octobercms Theme


Success theme automatically installs the required plugins, but if something go wrong you can install them manually.

Go to your backend to Settings -> System -> Updates & Plugins and install the following Plugins. (just copy & paste the PluginIDs below and put it in the search box.)


  • Theme variables: Backend > Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize
  • Contact form: Backend > Settings > Marketing > Contact Form
  • Subscribe: Backend > Settings > Misc > MailChimb
  • Site search: Backend > Settings > CMS > SiteSearch
  • Site search: Backend > Settings > CMS > SiteSearch
  • Blog tags: Backend > Blog > Posts > Click on post > Tags


Translate Plugin is fully supported, but you need to create another language in order for the theme to work properly. You need 2 or more languages, if you install rainlab translate plugin and you only have one language , Theme block sections system will not work.

Create Pages with "Page Builder"

Go to Backend > Pages > Pages > Add > Blocks (Tab next to content) > Add New Item > Select the block you want > Fill the fields > Click "Save" Screenshot Screenshot

Change Theme Settings

Go to Backend > Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize


Theme created by Charis Ketikidis

For problems or errors that may occur, please make a reference to: (https://octobercms.com/theme/support/ketikidis-octobercms-success)

If you like the Theme, please, get me a good review!

  • Found the theme useful on 5 Jun, 2018

    Aren't we lucky. This theme together with the others in the set are a big step forward in usability for end users. Brilliant - thanks very much

  • author

    Replied on 5 Jun, 2018

    Thank you Mike and Stephie MacDonald! Really appreciate it.

  • Found the theme useful on 12 Apr, 2018

    Not only is this theme very nice, complete, lots of features the support is also very good! You get a lot value for your money!

  • author

    Replied on 12 Apr, 2018

    Thank you very much Lennart van der Hoorn! I'm glad you're happy with the theme and support.

  • Found the theme useful on 25 Mar, 2018

    This is a complex theme but it works well as long you follow the installation instructions. It is a great head start to developing a modern looking web site.

  • author

    Replied on 12 Apr, 2018

    Thank you very much Andy Barker! Really appreciate it.

  • Found the theme useful on 2 Feb, 2018

    This is a good theme, easy to work with.

  • author

    Replied on 12 Apr, 2018

    Thank you Moringo! Really appreciate it.


Fixed bug with subscribe widget

May 18, 2018


Fixed wrong path on blocks.yaml

Apr 11, 2018


This is a major update that changes a lot of files. If you use theme on a production site is possible to lose some fields data.

Apr 10, 2018


Fix on partial about.htm

Apr 05, 2018


Fix layout folder name

Mar 04, 2018


Typo fix on theme folder name

Feb 16, 2018


Fixed wrong path on blocks.yaml, Minor fixes with fields

Feb 16, 2018


Translate Plugin support, Language selector option, Improved meta tags, Minor fixes

Feb 07, 2018


Fix error count() Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

Jan 21, 2018


Initial release

Jan 01, 2018