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  • Added on Dec 7, 2018
  • Current version: 1.0.4
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
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Use shortcodes in Your content

This plugin will be useful for content managers in order to extend the functionality of OctoberCMS. The flexible functionality provides the opportunity to develop your own shortcodes and plugins for this engine.


  • User syntax defines from settings
  • Support Twig markup tags for shortcodes
  • User shortcodes defined from settings PHP-function code with parameters
  • User shortcodes classes files (defined in shortcodes directory)
  • User shortcodes plugins support for this engine
  • Provides a mechanism for adding CSS/JS assets
  • Basiss shortcodes in complect
  • Works with alls plugins

Live demo:

My others quality plugins:

  • UniDoc(Generate Excel, Word (PhpOffice), Pdf (Snappy || mPDF || TCPD || Dompdf) documents easy on fly and make manipulations with files)
  • Expander (Extend all available models: adding all types custom fields +attributes for model with in database save, and controllers: extends lists and adding custom Behaviors with built-in CMS tools in easy visual mode)
  • Multi Domains (Create multiple domains or url and bind this to arbitry theme or page/staticpage with extending routing rules use single CMS installation)
  • Back To Front (Components for creates All Backend Widgets in Frontend pages: Lists, Search, Filter, Forms, FormWidgets, MediaManager, Reports and manage this items)
  • Backend Menu (Complete change and reconfiguration of all menus in backend: adding, rename, move, hide, icons adding and change)
  • Backend Popup (Quick modify records in backend controllers lists in modal popup mode)
  • Datatables (View big data table on page in Ajax-mode)
  • Auto SEO (Full SEO automate. Generate SEO tags based on rules and page content data)
  • Desktop application builder (Free experimental plugin. Easy make Desktop Application on OctoberCMS base)
  • Include Content (Free plugin. Include content on page from other site or file)
  • AdSense (Free plugin. Enables to use AdSense on page)

Future plans:

  • Adding new shortcodes and write new extending plugins for this

Greetings to all PHP developers!

My absolute Free Windows PHP-server (GO language) for PHP-developers on OctoberCMS (Caddy server + PHP7 in FastCGI mode + OctoberCMS & Sqlite for storage this CMS + free admins components).

Very easy to configure and allows you to deploy your development environment in literally 1 minute. SQLite allows for small projects to transfer the source code to the production server without unnecessary gestures.

Assembly can also be used in production. Includes components:

  • My server (base on Caddy server sources)
  • PHP 7.1.1
  • 2 utilities from the winginx project (hostseditor.exe and php-config.exe)
  • HeidiSQL for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Miqrosoft SQL Server administration
  • SQLite Administrator
  • WinSCP for remote SSH
  • Sendmail dummy for debugging the sending of emails

In the plans:

  • Embedding the Mysql engine directly into the code (without installing the latter);
  • Adding additional administration tools
  • Full automatization: auto backup, auto deploy on work server, git, and more more (depending on the interest of users)

Download archive: https://caddywps.linkonoid.com/download or https://sourceforge.net/projects/caddywps

At the code are no viruses and bookmarks !!!

Installation - not required: extract archive and just run caddywps.exe!!! To go to the OctoberCMS Admin Panel select the top item of the program menu from the tray (admin/admin) or new installation.

!!!In some cases (if not), use the hostseditor.exe utility (also launched from the tray menu) to register localhost ( in the hosts file. Successful work!

Tab with user syntax

Fast start

The following short code syntax is supported by default

[tag parameter1="value" parameter2=value]data[/tag] or short [tag="value"]data[/tag]

Using Shortcodes in Twig

{% set twig_text = "This is [size=30]bigger text[/size] and this is [color=green]green text[/color]" %}{{ twig_text|shortcodes }}

Using Users Shortcodes from settings

Example "repeater" shortcode define: This is TextRepeater: [repeater count=5]Text[/repeater]

We have 2 input parameters:

  1. $data - mandatory variable (this is data from the shortcode body)
  2. $count - define variable

In code section write only function body code

$result = '';
for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++) {
    $result .= $data;
return $result;

Result: "This is TextRepeater: TextTextTextTextText"

You can also add links to your own js and css files (for local files without the "/" prefix, the theme directory is used by default, otherwise the base OctoberCMS)

Using Users Shortcodes from extending plugin:

The example full-featured version of the plugin extension for the ShortcodesEngine is in the folder "testplugin" (in archive testscplugin.zip)

Basis shortcodes in complect (this list will be expanded)

Font Size

This is [size=30]bigger text[/size]


  • [left]This text is left aligned[/left]
  • [center]This text is left aligned[/center]
  • [right]This text is left aligned[/right]


This is some [u]bb style underline[/u] and not much else


[span class="text-center"]This text is centered aligned[/span]


[div class="text-center"]This text is centered aligned[/div]


[columns count=3 width=200px gap=30px rule="1px dotted #930"]

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse
cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.  



Safe-Email Address: [safe-email autolink=&quot;true&quot; icon=&quot;envelope-o&quot;]user@domain.com[/safe-email]


[raw]This is some [u]bb style underline[/u] and not much else[/raw]


[notice]Your text that will appear in the notice[/notice]

Little changes in code. Added "Blog" Shortcode.

Sep 09, 2019


Fixes bug on run with empty settings.

Mar 08, 2019


Events shema update for not conflict others plugins. Little bugs correction. Adding new shortcodes.

Dec 18, 2018


- Initialize plugin

Dec 06, 2018