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  • Added on Dec 13, 2018
  • Current version: 1.0.2
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
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Include content from another site page or file on your page

Plugin work in 2 modes:


  • Includes content grabber from other site
  • Includes content grabber from .htm file
  • Substitution and replacement of data in the received content on new
  • Adding your content to grab html end
  • Uses tag and css selectors for content parsing

Live demo

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Greetings to all PHP developers!

My absolute Free Windows PHP-server (GO language) for PHP-developers on OctoberCMS (Caddy server + PHP7 in FastCGI mode + OctoberCMS & Sqlite for storage this CMS + free admins components).

Very easy to configure and allows you to deploy your development environment in literally 1 minute. SQLite allows for small projects to transfer the source code to the production server without unnecessary gestures.

Assembly can also be used in production. Includes components:

  • My server (base on Caddy server sources)
  • PHP 7.1.1
  • 2 utilities from the winginx project (hostseditor.exe and php-config.exe)
  • HeidiSQL for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Miqrosoft SQL Server administration
  • SQLite Administrator
  • WinSCP for remote SSH
  • Sendmail dummy for debugging the sending of emails

In the plans:

  • Embedding the Mysql engine directly into the code (without installing the latter);
  • Adding additional administration tools
  • Full automatization: auto backup, auto deploy on work server, git, and more more (depending on the interest of users)

Download archive: https://caddywps.linkonoid.com/download or https://sourceforge.net/projects/caddywps

At the code are no viruses and bookmarks !!!

Installation - not required: extract archive and just run caddywps.exe!!! To go to the OctoberCMS Admin Panel select the top item of the program menu from the tray (admin/admin) or new installation.

!!!In some cases (if not), use the hostseditor.exe utility (also launched from the tray menu) to register localhost ( in the hosts file. Successful work!

Grabber settings

Beginning of work

1. First create general default settings

Default variables:

  • Grab engine - select default grabber ("Guzzle","SimpleHtmlDom","Curl")
  • Default timeout - default timeout, actual only for Guzzle

Replacer settings:

  • Content replace - 2 arguments (search and replace)
  • Content adding - adding your html on ends content

2. Work use Component "IncludeContent" ("SCPINCLUDECONTENT" plugin, "SCP" signify "ShortCodesPlugin").

Component settings variables:

  • Path - local file path or local/remote url
  • Grab selector - html tag or css selector for grabbing content (see SimpleHtmlDom work documentation)
  • Temeout - request timeout (actual for Guzzle), if not set is taken from default plugin settings

3. Work use shortcode (works only with ShortcodesEngine plugin present):

[includecontent=http://httpbin.org/forms/post selector=form timeout=2][/includecontent]

  • includecontent - content url
  • selector- html tag or css selector for grabbing content (see SimpleHtmlDom work documentation)
  • timeout - request timeout (actual for Guzzle), if not set is taken from default plugin settings

Use Twig for this shortcode:

{% set twig_includecontent = '[includecontent=http://httpbin.org/forms/post selector="form" timeout="2"][/includecontent]' %}{{ twig_includecontent|shortcodes }}


Adding work in Component mode if ShortcodesEngine not installed

Dec 18, 2018


- Initialize plugin

Dec 13, 2018