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Complete resettings all menus in Backend

In which cases will this plugin be required?

  • If you are not satisfied with the name, icon or location of standard menu items in backend menu or plugins;
  • If you are you need to add a new menu item, for example, a link to an external resource or other;
  • On many projects, it is very often necessary to hide menu items for the end user of the admin panel in case this can not be done through the standard permission of rights (many plugins does not use permissions way for users). All It is very important for a quality commercial product!


  • Change (name, icon, permissions, parent), Create, Hide, Move for Main menu items
  • Change (name, icon, permissions, parent), Create, Hide, Move for submenu (Side menu) Main menu items;
  • Change (name, description, icon, permissions, parent), Create, Hide, Move for System menu items
  • Change (name, icon, permissions), Create, Hide, Move for User profile menu items

Live demo

https://backendmenu.test.linkonoid.com/backend/backend/auth/signin (backendmenu/admin)

Why is this plugin paid?

  • You are guaranteed to receive support;
  • You help the OctoberCMS project to develop, as 30% of the payment goes to its development

What is planned:

  • Groups operations for menu items (menu category or all);
  • Visual sorting items (it's necessary?);
  • Move item to Frontend menu (it's necessary?)...
Created Main menu item and submenu and add this items to System and Profiles menus

The plugin does not require any specific requirements and bindings, it works out of the box, because uses system settings for storage.

Attention! Very carefully use the option of hiding the menu!


Initialize plugin BackendMenu

Sep 21, 2018