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Full SEO automate - generates SEO tags based on content and your rules

This is a universal SEO-plugin for automatic generation of SEO-tags based on rules with use of content data (or page- variables and page methods) select as variables for rules. This product is absolutely different from other similar plugins and make the SEO easy and accessible to everyone and considerably saves you time!


  • Auto generate Title and Description tags for pages based on strategy rules way (different strategies rules for different pages)
  • Strategy rules variables: Text, Page-variable, Page-method with argument, Mask ("*","?"), Regex, Site name, H1..H4 and others
  • Automated generates keywords from pages contents and used stop-list and etalon-list keywords for thir filtering
  • Imports default tag values from page or new settings for page if autogenerates tags off
  • Supports alls plugins, no used integration and not install plugin-components on your page
  • Support the Translate plugin for multi language
  • Support all Themes and Pages (including StaticPages)
  • Facebook Open Graph support
  • Twitter Card support
  • Writes HEAD prefix for Facebook Open Graph
  • Robots meta configuration
  • Canonical URLs
  • Redirects
  • Minifyes HTML page

Live demo

Frontend: https://autoseo.test.linkonoid.com (very simle example on OctoberCMS Demo, see generated html source) Backend (autoseo/admin): https://autoseo.test.linkonoid.com/backend

Future plans:

  • Adding nonstandard functionality (yet a secret, but a lot of absolute new)

Why is this plugin paid?

  • This is not a trivial plugin and it took a lot of time to develop it;
  • You are guaranteed to receive support;
  • You help the OctoberCMS project to develop, as 30% of the payment goes to its development

Greetings to all PHP developers!

My absolute Free Windows PHP-server (GO language) for PHP-developers on OctoberCMS (Caddy server + PHP7 in FastCGI mode + OctoberCMS & Sqlite for storage this CMS + free admins components).

Very easy to configure and allows you to deploy your development environment in literally 1 minute. SQLite allows for small projects to transfer the source code to the production server without unnecessary gestures.

Assembly can also be used in production. Includes components:

  • My server (base on Caddy server sources)
  • PHP 7.1.1
  • 2 utilities from the winginx project (hostseditor.exe and php-config.exe)
  • HeidiSQL for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Miqrosoft SQL Server administration
  • SQLite Administrator
  • WinSCP for remote SSH
  • Sendmail dummy for debugging the sending of emails

In the plans:

  • Embedding the Mysql engine directly into the code (without installing the latter);
  • Adding additional administration tools
  • Full automatization: auto backup, auto deploy on work server, git, and more more (depending on the interest of users)

Download archive: https://caddywps.linkonoid.com/download or https://sourceforge.net/projects/caddywps

At the code are no viruses and bookmarks !!!

Installation - not required: extract archive and just run caddywps.exe!!! To go to the OctoberCMS Admin Panel select the top item of the program menu from the tray (admin/admin) or new installation.

!!!In some cases (if not), use the hostseditor.exe utility (also launched from the tray menu) to register localhost ( in the hosts file. Successful work!

Base tags settings, rules and strategies

Beginning of work:

  1. First create general settings. These settings are applied to all pages, unless a specific page with settings is specified;
  2. General meta tags be filled;
  3. Create Strategies / rules for the automatic generation of Title and Description;
  4. Fill stop-list (filter of the main junk words is already present in the code);
  5. The etalon-list is filled in based on the list of keywords from a search engine (keyword selection tool) for your website subject (if etalon-list empty, all generated keywords use in page - this is a way to get all keywords from a page for a run in a search engine in order to identify the best in terms of SEO);
  6. Write for specific pages settings reference to strategies, for example:
    • main page - is one strategy,
    • product category - is the second,
    • product page - is the third, etc.

Page-variable, page-methods, mask and regex-patterns will allow you to add your own SEO-logic to handle pages of the same type, for example, for a product with different IDs (or groups) completely different Title or Description are formed depending on the ID. For use page variables and methods put in your page this sample code:

// in Code section
// Anonymous Class only working on PHP7
function onStart()
// Test "Page-function" strategy definition 
$this->testFunc = new class($this->page) {       
public function __construct($page)
$this->page = $page;
public function testMethod($arg=null) {
return $arg.'_TestMethodArgument';
//return $this->page->meta_title;
//return $this->page->title;

//Test "Page-variable" strategy definition
$this->test = 'TestPageVariable'; 

And use on strategy rule: "Page-function" with value name "testFunc->testMethod" and selecting argument for passing to function.

Support Mask ("*" - "all", "?" - "one" operators) and Regex search for selecting argumets: Sitename, Pagetitle, H1, H2, H3, First content elements


Added support correct work on pages with parameters "/:par".

Feb 05, 2019


Added passing arguments to the page function. Added filter by mask or regex pattern with selecting argument for manipulations.

Feb 02, 2019


Events shema update for not conflict others plugins, little bugs correction

Dec 18, 2018


Initialize plugin

Nov 28, 2018