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Binds domain to theme and page (Mdomains)

Live demo:


  • Register regular pages or static pages for domain or url (static pages works if Rainlab.Pages plugin install)
  • Register theme for domain or url (does not depend on an active theme)
  • Filter which domains can use backend
  • It`s best way for create multiples (from 1 to out range) landings on one installations OctoberCMS
Backend list all domains

You need to understand that in order to use this plug-in, you must first register DNS-records A or CNAME and writes virtual hosts on the server (all domains must be registered in the server configuration as virtual hosts with the same parameters as the primary domain).

Default the plugin is installed in the standard mode. In this mode redefined core Cms Router class and no all plugins support (not work all Router properties in Controller).

In v.1.0.5 added Hard mode install with little modify core CMS class (I'm not in favor of changes in the kernel of the system, but without this way full compatibility can not be achieved). Changes neither affect the operation of the system and other plugins.

For install hard mode: - See file Router.php in "mdomains/vendor" catalog and copy this to the CMS "modules/cms/classes" path with replace vendor file (or see changes in comments lines 47,80,85,91,98 and changed 5 lines in hand mode); - Change in core file Plugin.php Mdomains. See changes in comments lines 231, 233, 242 and modify this in hand mode.

In v.1.0.6 Standard/Hard mode switched by two mouse clicks...


Added configuration for plugin to change plugin mode in non-manual. Added 6 languages translates.

Sep 27, 2018


Fixe bug with run if not install StaticPages plugin (bug from v1.0.1). Fix bug with select first theme in admin option select (bug from v1.0.4). Adding Hard mode install with little modify core class "Cms\Classes\Router" in hand mode for FULL support ALL others plugins

Mar 14, 2018


Added default page url "ALL_THEME_PAGES_WITH_ROUTE_PATCH". If this selected, all theme pages binding to new domain one-to-one. Added support path new domain. If set domain path to "http://domain.com/demo", all theme pages, begin on "/demo", path route on new domain url. On create new bind, auto setting on default options current default cms theme and page url "ALL_THEME_PAGES_WITH_ROUTE_PATCH".

Mar 01, 2018


Fixes trubles with protected variables in StaticPages support. Little code refactoring.

Jan 10, 2018


Adds work with Rainlab.Pages. Fixes little trubles with themes in domain settings.

Dec 28, 2017


Initialize plugin

Dec 15, 2017