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  • Added on Jun 30, 2020
  • Current version: 1.0.4
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x not tested
  • License: Regular / Extended
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Multi Revisions adds the missing revisions capability to October CMS

Have you ever wanted to undo a change made to a Page or Blog? Has a client ever wanted this safeguard when editing their website? This plugin gives you and your client the ability to revert changes made back to a previous state and potentially reducing support.

Handy when mistakes are made!

Live demo (mrevisions/admin): https://mrevisions.test.linkonoid.com/backend/backend/auth/signin

Similar to other popular CMS platforms, Multi Revisions is records revisions of changes made so they can be undone (reverted). Out the box support for the main OctoberCMS plugins: CMS, Pages & Blog and with the ability to add revision recording to all plugins simply by selecting them in the backend.


  • Out the box support for:
  • CMS : Page, Partials, Layouts, Content & Assets

  • Rainlab Pages : Pages, Menus, Content

  • Rainlab Blog : ......

  • Easily add support to other Plugin Models in the Backend with a few clicks.
  • Permission settings to control access and who can apply revisions.
  • Extended Settings: Control which database fields are recorded and the number of revisions stored.
  • Import & export your settings.

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Why is this plugin paid?

  • This is not a trivial plugin and it took a lot of time to develop it;
  • You are guaranteed to receive support;
  • You help the OctoberCMS project to develop, as 30% of the payment goes to its development

Sponsored information

Thanks Mightyhaggis for your support.

Thanks Prismify for modal Dialog from Toolbox plugin (https://github.com/prismify/oc-toolbox-plugin)

CMS (Partials)

Enable "Log theme changes" (disabled by default) in Settings->LogSettings !

This plugin not uses specifics settings and configured only in Plugin-settings section. An example with the settings is in the impexp folder (just import this file from the corresponding section in the settings)


Added set Tab select for history table visualisation. Little changes in settings.

Jul 03, 2020


DependsOn error for select model fixed.

Jul 03, 2020


Cms\Classes\Asset error fixed. Little changes in settings.

Jul 02, 2020


First version of Multi Revisions

Jun 30, 2020