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Tools for dealing with currency display and conversions. You can configure currencies and converters via the Settings page.

  • Settings > Currencies
  • Settings > Currency converters

Formatting currency

You may call the currency facade in PHP using Currency::format or in Twig using the |currency filter.

<?= Currency::format(10) ?>

{{ 10|currency }}

This method takes an options argument, as an array that supports various values.

  • to: To a given currency code
  • from: From a currency code
  • format: Display format. Options: long, short, null.

For example, to convert an amount from USD to BTC:

Currency::format(10, ['from' => 'USD', 'to' => 'BTC']);

To display a currency in long or short format

// $10.00 USD
Currency::format(10, ['format' => 'long']);

// $10
Currency::format(10, ['format' => 'short']);

Add currency form widget and list column type.

Jan 26, 2017


First version of Currency

Jul 02, 2016