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Tools for dealing with currency display and conversions. You can configure currencies and converters via the Settings page.

  • Settings > Currencies
  • Settings > Currency converters
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Formatting currency

You may call the currency facade in PHP using Currency::format or in Twig using the |currency filter.

<?= Currency::format(10) ?>

{{ 10|currency }}

This method takes an options argument, as an array that supports various values.

  • to: To a given currency code
  • from: From a currency code
  • format: Display format. Options: long, short, null.

For example, to convert an amount from USD to BTC:

Currency::format(10, ['from' => 'USD', 'to' => 'BTC']);

To display a currency in long or short format

// $10.00 USD
Currency::format(10, ['format' => 'long']);

// $10
Currency::format(10, ['format' => 'short']);
  • Found the plugin not useful on 2 Apr, 2021

    not working for all middle east currencies

  • Found the plugin useful on 9 Mar, 2021

    Hi. Do you have any ideea where to check the currency value update? Since 03.03.2021 the EUR vs RON value is not changed in the database and we didn't made any changes except moving the website from subfolder to main public_html.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Found the plugin useful on 22 Oct, 2020

    How can one add additional converters? Apparently, the available converters don't work for all currencies, eg The Nigerian Naira (NGN)

  • Found the plugin useful on 5 Sep, 2017

    This is a pretty good tool I would def suggest using it.


Fixes cache clearing, clearing static attributes on the model

Jan 15, 2024


Fixes compatibility with October CMS v3

Oct 11, 2022


Fixes bug in Currency form widget casting null to 0.00

Mar 27, 2021


Added Italian translation.

Dec 07, 2019


Improvements to currency formatting parameters.

Aug 31, 2018


Add new exchanges Fixer and CoinMarketCap. Yahoo exchange has been discontinued.

Aug 31, 2018


Add currency form widget and list column type.

Jan 26, 2017


First version of Currency

Jul 02, 2016