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FewoVerwalter Plug. Plugin for displaying holiday objects, booking masks, request masks and master data Interface to the local FewoVerwalter to represent object master data, search and booking functions in OctoberCMS. This plugin is chargeable and encrypted by IonCube and works only with a URL-related license file. In addition, you need the software 'Fewo-Verwalter'

FewoVerwalter plugin

Plugin for displaying holiday objects, booking masks, request masks and master data


  • Text searchmask - free text search in your objects with dropdown list.
  • Searchmask - Search with arrival, departure and equipment.
  • Listfilter - Filtering of the object list by type, period (free), prices, equipment, location, region, .....
  • Price calculator - Price calculator for the object in detail page.
  • Object list - Lists for displaying objects with images and maps.
  • Random list - Lists for displaying objects with pictures by chance.
  • Object slider - Presentation of the object images (large) as a slider in a detail page.
  • Object details - Representation of the object master data in a detail page.
  • Images - Presentation of object pictures, house pictures and floor plans.
  • House list - Representation of the house data in a list page.
  • House details - Representation of the house master data in a detail page.
  • Ratings - Presentation of the current ratings in all pages and the detail page.
  • Rating form - Rating form with rating script.
  • Booking form - Booking form with guest data, services and fellow traveler.
  • Offer form - Offer form with guest data, services and fellow traveler.
  • SlickSlider - Slider für Objekt- und Hausbilder.
  • Galerie - Gallery for object and house pictures incl. FancyBox.
  • MAP - LeafLet Map for object and house.
  • SEO - Schema.org component with LocalBusiness and Hotel.


  • Web server PHP at least version 7.n
  • IonCube-Loader for PHP 7.n
  • Request license file for your URL
  • Install Fewo plugin in octobercms
  • Store license file in the directory plugins/xsigns/fewo


  • PHP 7.0 or higher
  • MySql 5.6 or higher

After installation

  • After the installation, enter a user with password under Settings -> Fewo-Settings. Then transfer the data from the 'Fewo-Verwalter' to the website. Under Settings In the Fewo-Verwalter' software you must enter the URL from your web-site.
  • Once all the data has been transferred, you can start by inserting the components into your page structure.
  • All language settings can be made in the individual components.

Change listfilter partial (see upgrade info).

Sep 07, 2018


Bug fixes mindays in calendar control (bookingmask) and show cancellations in the occupancy plan.

Sep 07, 2018


Add delete button in calendar control (bookingmask).

Aug 22, 2018


Add back buttons to bookingmask, change image loader for objects and houses

Aug 17, 2018


Bookingplan add selectbox to change month, add region filter in objectlist

Aug 07, 2018


Upadte fields in prices and add map in object-list

Jul 31, 2018


Chang marker buttons in details and listings

Jul 30, 2018


Image sorting in objects by number

Jul 26, 2018


show ratings on a separate page

Jul 26, 2018


Insert sync to feondi channelmanager and add gound plan default image

Jul 26, 2018


Bug fix objectlist search and sorting

Jul 20, 2018


Update02 fix

Jul 20, 2018


Bug fix in offers2

Jul 20, 2018


Bug fix in offers

Jul 19, 2018


Bug fix in get ratings

Jul 18, 2018


change bookingmask (default.html) and delete MySql functions

Jul 18, 2018


Change MySql function getMinPersonen

Jul 17, 2018


Change functions deinstaller

Jul 17, 2018


Change calculation of surcharges

Jul 17, 2018


Change directory query if october installed in a subdirectory

Jul 11, 2018


Plugin for MYSQL 5.7 adjusted

Jul 11, 2018


Change objectlist

Jul 09, 2018


Insert selectboxes in listfilter

Jul 05, 2018


Update database insert Mitreisende.

Jun 28, 2018


Initialize plugin.

Jun 28, 2018