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Product support

The support is provided by individual products included into the bundle.


This is an ideal plugins bundle to start developing October application.

Form Builder

Plugin allows you to build custom front-end forms with ease. Without any technical knowledge create functional forms for all your needs.

SEO Manager

Plugin adds SEO functionality to OctoberCMS. It supports CMS Pages, RainLab.Pages, RainLab.Blog out of the box. With one line of code can be attached to any OctoberCMS model. One robust solution for all your SEO needs.

Backup Manager

Backup your whole October application with ease. I can't count how many times this plugin saved my life.

Nowadays, the chances to lose information is huge.


This plugin adds ability to impersonate other backend users. As an admin you can view all screens as if you are logged in as another user. This allows you to easily spot a problem that your user might be reporting.


Manage users session.

Mail Log

View mail messages with their recorded time and details.

Spam Protection

Preventing spam submitted through forms.

For documentation please look at each plugin’s detail page.