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Feature-rich eCommerce OctoberCMS Theme

Techmarket is an Ultimate Responsive OctoberCMS Theme that is extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. It comes with extremely beautiful design for wide screen resolution.


  • Built on Bootstrap 4
  • SASS files included
  • 8 Home Page Layouts
  • 6 Different Market Layouts (Tech Market, Organic Market, Multi Market, Gardening, Footwear, Sports)
  • 4 Product Catalog Layouts
  • 5 Product Listing Layouts
  • 3 Product Page Layouts (Full Width, Extended, Sidebar)
  • 2 Landing Page Layouts
  • 2 Contact Page Layouts
  • Responsive Megamenu

Please see the documentation tab for a full overview of features with screenshots

Autodetection of Optional Paid Shopaholic Extensions

The theme automatically detects installed new Shopaholic plugins and adds their functionality to your solution.





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Further Updates

Support for the following paid (optional) plugins will be added in the following releases:




Techmarket is based on Twitters popular front-end framework Bootstrap for fully flexible and responsive layouts. It also uses the latest web technology HTML5 for semantic content structuring and CSS3 for versatile and powerful styling options.

Read more about the used technology:

Sass: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets http://sass-lang.com/
Bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com
HTML5/CSS3: http://www.w3schools.com
HTML5: http://html5doctor.com

Sources and Credits

We've used the following images, icons or other files as listed.



Theme Settings

Styles & Assets

Color Style

You can choose a base color for header, buttons, and other widgets. Select from Blue, Green, Flat Green, Orange, Red or Yellow

Home Layout

Select the home/shop layout.

8 different homes Homes v1 - v4

Homes v5 - v8

6 different markets Electronic Market

Garden Market

Shoes Market

Sports Market

Organic Market

Multi Market

Contact Us Page

Select one of two different layouts Contact v1 and v2

About Us Page

  • Upload header image
  • Add features (Title, Description and Image)
  • Add Team Members (Name, Description and Image)
  • Add Text boxes (Title and Description)
  • Accordion Title
  • Add Accordion boxes (Title and Description)

Landing Page

You have an option to use landing pages or not.
If choose to use landing pages, there are two different options for design. Landing v1 and v2

Product Page

Choose the product page layout:

Full Width Fullwidth

Extended Extended

Sidebar Sidebar

Shop/Catalog Page

Use as catalog only
You have the option to switch to catalog mode. By doing this you hide the prices, add to cart buttons and minicart element and turn your solution into a shop for showcasing your products. You don’t have to alter any html or remove any components to do this.

Shop/Catalog Layouts
Choose one of four shop layouts Shop Listing

Default listing view
Select between five listing view layouts. Users can change listing layout by click on navigation icons.

Grid Grid

Grid Extended Grid Extended

List View List View

List View Large List View Large

List View Small List View Small


Added option to display/hide product SKU

Jul 24, 2018


Make improvements on Order page

Jul 16, 2018


Use Price range from ProductCollection

Jul 16, 2018


Add Filter Price range in theme settings

Jul 16, 2018


Add support for FilterShopaholic plugin

May 23, 2018


Fix marketplace theme name

May 06, 2018


Fix for missing files

Apr 28, 2018


Add missing files

Apr 25, 2018


Fix missing partials

Apr 25, 2018


Clean unused files

Apr 10, 2018


Add PlanetaDelEste.TechMarket and RainLab.Location as required plugins

Apr 09, 2018


Add search functionalities

Apr 09, 2018


Remove Twig function registration. `collect` must be registered from PlanetaDelEste.TechMarket plugin.

Apr 09, 2018


Add flag-icon-css

Apr 09, 2018


First version of TechMarket

Apr 09, 2018