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[Important] How to set permission for single route (action) in backend controller. Action based permission check in backend routing.
by netsmertia

Plugin / Back-end Development

mjauvin posted

Text messages work except for the {{whatever}} syntax
by endi.linux.mint51510

Mail Translatable Support

endi.linux.mint51510 posted

Wanted to program a website for music
by brucewayne782357730

Vermillion Support

brucewayne782357730 posted

Yajra Datatables - HtmlBuilder throws error
by codebugs10840

Plugin / Back-end Development

codebugs10840 posted

File storage/framework/services.php not generated
by uitlab

Plugin / Back-end Development

RempadDesign posted

Backend dropdown with opt-group
by Troiscent

Plugin / Back-end Development

mjauvin posted

login and permission
by msalek56641

Restful Api Support

msalek56641 posted

Class name is not registered for the component ... works in local but fail on Server
by epsilonrequiem57707

Plugin / Back-end Development

mjauvin posted

Taglist form widget in relation mode with several required fields
by Troiscent

Plugin / Back-end Development

mjauvin posted

Payment process
by cimminoluca26816

Stripe for Shopaholic Support

gilcanetasdias28038 posted

Not workin for me. Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
by damalsoft30016

Audit log Support

damalsoft30016 posted

Undefined variable: filename /var/www/o/plugins/briddle/wiki/components/Wiki.php line 297
by 5521355213

Wiki Lite Support

5521355213 posted

Is there a way to make the content files read only in Pages plugin?
by VektarDesign

Theme / Front-end Development

mjauvin posted

Reflections on keeping in sync with the recent Laravel
by cjk

Vermillion Support

ankithasingh12157677 posted

oc-bootstrapper: can't understand the logic of .gitignore on private plugins
by boboy

Guides / Resources

boboy posted

Can't save anything in assets folder since update
by ealtmayer

Vermillion Support

harpergodfrey557669 posted

Demo backend
by dizasite57174

eMarket - Advanced E-Commerce Octobercms theme Support

Charis posted

question about how to display the right news category in the url
by 5521355213

News & Newsletter Support

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Wysiwyg Editors Plugin Inline styles not applied!
by yogeshsalvi2157659

Vermillion Support

yogeshsalvi2157659 posted

single image carousel
by bubblecatcher

Multipurpose Theme with PAGE BUILDER - Success Support

bubblecatcher posted

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