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yes I have 2 languages

Posted in Translatable field not working


Translatable field seems to not be working. I'm using a text input and a text area for my homepag...

Posted in Translatable field not working

ok, it seems that the Super User can not activate the 2FA for the other Admins, is that true? It has...

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I managed to activate 2FA for the Super Admin User but for some reason, I cant seem to be able to...

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I used another form widget for the formupload widget

Posted in [HOW TO] Using backend forms in frontend

Is there any API available, please?

My use case would be to set up in advance the custom fields and ...

Posted in API?

it returns the error:

Unable to validate your token. Please try again

and the google app on iOs retu...

Posted in Just can't enable the authenticator

Did you manage to find a solution by any luck?

Posted in Routes Auth Middleware & Components

Does this plugin come with user regristration and existing user authentication?

thanks for the good ...

Posted in Registration and existing user?

Interesting, Thanks for sharing your flow Briddle,

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