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In the TurnSecurity Settings, there is a checkbox to turn on 2FA AND a button to enable 2FA. Wha...

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this is the way:

RainLabUsersController::extend(function (RainLabUsersController $users) {

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after setting up everything as per the documentation, i am navigating to the url

and when the ca...

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I guess we need more screenshot and info on how your plugin is working

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yes I have 2 languages

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Translatable field seems to not be working. I'm using a text input and a text area for my homepag...

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ok, it seems that the Super User can not activate the 2FA for the other Admins, is that true? It has...

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I managed to activate 2FA for the Super Admin User but for some reason, I cant seem to be able to...

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I used another form widget for the formupload widget

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Is there any API available, please?

My use case would be to set up in advance the custom fields and ...

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