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If someone finds this topic wondering about file types for MediaManager, it's kind of hidden in the ...

Posted in Setting allowed filetypes for fileupload

Is this plugin abandoned? Error still happens, with edgeUpdates enabled.

Posted in Cannot run artisan ide-helper:generate anymore, since dependency update

Create controller with php artisan create:controller name.plugin MyController


public $im...

Posted in How to create a custom html page in backend?

11 months later I'm having OP's error on both market and bitbucket version.

Posted in Error when login using Facebook

stupid question maybe, but do you have rainlab.user installed?

public $require = ['RainLab.User'];

Posted in Can't install login in new version of October

@Parsec, what? This is 500 error, not 502, nginx will not give you 500 error if the fastcgi_pass is ...

Posted in NGINX configuration (multiple sites in same DigitalOcean droplet)

Sorry if necrobumping, but beluca answer is not the only possible one and the issue may be harsh to ...

Posted in "File missing from request" and general upload error

Does this have any focus, or was forgotten? This is, by far, last thing remaining in making October ...

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Sorry for delay. It seems that for some reason composer didn't download all required dependen...

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Ah I see, it works only when editing posts. Is it supposed to work like that? Do you accept pull req...

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