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I really don't know and, actually, this plugin is no longer supported or developped.

Posted in Does the plugin support October 3 version?

Hello, For now this is something that is not planned, but why not ! I have to see how to implement t...

Posted in Product Search Functionality

Hi, Thank you :)

You missed the Group option in custom field list. When you create a custom field yo...

Posted in Custom fields for new product?

Well, you should access the custom fields with the name of the field. For example if you have a cust...

Posted in In custom fields not display name of custom fields

Well, maybe. For now I have fixed the problem, you chould use the plugin with no errors now if you u...

Posted in Error filtering by child categories.!

Probably linked to PHP version. I'll take a look and update the code to match all PHP versions.

Posted in Error filtering by child categories.!

Hello, This plugin is not actually maintained, so the answer is no, there is no plan to integrate an...

Posted in Any plans integrating semysms.net Gateway?

Hello, Sorry for that, actually I can’t help you as I have difficulties with assessing web. I could ...

Posted in Added categories to menu but they not go to the correct pages

Hi, Actually localisation is not fully supported by the Catalog plugin.

Posted in How add multi-language for custom fields?

Great, ask me if you have other problems.

Posted in I purchased but can not download. There is no download button.