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Does this plugin not require a Google API key?

Posted in How to Configure Findus Plugin

This is a cross platform problem, and it requires the switching off of CKEDITOR'S html filter.

In th...

Posted in Images losing their attributes

Does no one maintain this plugin??

Posted in Upgrading Ckeditor?

One of the power-features of CKEDITOR is the ability to add its own custom plugins and functionality...

Posted in Upgrading Ckeditor?

So is no one else having an issue with this problem? What, then, might I be doing wrong?

Posted in Domain redirection

I installed this plugin into a test build, and it's working mostly. I'm confused about one thing.


Posted in Domain redirection

You might need to refresh your browser cache, and the October cache. I've found this usually works....

Posted in Adding CKEditor Plugin

Is it possible to have this plugin redirect users to a THANK YOU (upon submission) page, rather than...

Posted in Thank You Page

I also notice that in the ACER PRO JADE page, the "Display Price" is listed as "OFF" and yet the pri...

Posted in Product without Price?

I notice the attributes have no labels. i.e. On the ACER-PRO-JADE page, there are three input boxes...

Posted in Product without Price?