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  • Added on Mar 13, 2015
  • Current version: 1.2.5
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x use latest
    v1.x use latest
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  • Public repository


Supported contents

  • CMS Pages
  • CMS Contents
  • CMS Partials
  • CMS Layouts
  • Static Pages

Main features

  • Use wysiwyg editor or simple textarea.
  • Show last modified date of file.
  • Set the height of dashboard widget.
  • Works with any installed themes.

Available languages

  • en - English
  • de - Deutsch
  • es - Español
  • hu - Magyar

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Preview of widget


  1. Go to the Settings > Updates & Plugins page in the Backend.
  2. Click on the Install plugins button.
  3. Type the Quick Edit text in the search field.

Add widget

  1. Go to the Dashboard page in the Backend.
  2. Click on the Manage widgets > Add widget button.
  3. Select the Quick Edit widget from the list.
  • Found the plugin useful on 4 Oct, 2020

    This is nice, but what would be really useful would be the ability to edit customized plugin translation files, so files located in the project /lang/ directory (and its subdirectories).

    But nice plugin anyways, thanks for the work!

  • Found the plugin useful on 30 Jan, 2017

    Great plugin. Works fine and good addition to the dashboard. Some suggestions for improvement:

    • show content in sub folders (currently it only lists content in the main content folder)
    • add an option to only show pages/content for the active theme
    • make it possible for site owners to prevent editors from changing the widget options (currently, a user that can only edit static pages, can still select other types of content in the widget settings and thus edit pages or partials, which they shouldn't be allowed)

  • author

    Replied on 4 Sep, 2018

    Thank you for your suggestions!

    I updated the plugin. Now it lists items from subfolders too. The active theme option is available since v1.2.2. If you like to prevent editors from changing the widget options, use the Backend Elite plugin.

  • Found the plugin useful on 10 Jul, 2016

    Have you maybe thought about making edit widgets callapsable into nice tiles?

  • Found the plugin useful on 7 Jul, 2016

    Pretty usefull. Can you add support for rainlab pages and blog?

  • author

    Replied on 8 Jul, 2016

    Thank you for your review! Now the plugin supports the RainLab Static Pages plugin too. :)


Added Spanish language and bugfix.

Apr 14, 2021


Added permission to Dashboard widgets.

May 10, 2019


List items from sub folders too.

Sep 04, 2018


Hide the files of unused themes.

Feb 02, 2017


Improved the Rich editor mode.

Aug 14, 2016


Support the Static Pages plugin.

Jul 08, 2016


Updated for latest October.

Jul 02, 2016


Improved the format of modify date.

Sep 28, 2015


Improved the widget exception handling.

Aug 28, 2015


Added the plugin icon.

Aug 24, 2015


Cleanup the code.

Aug 24, 2015


Minor improvements.

Aug 24, 2015


Minor improvement.

Jun 08, 2015


Minor changes.

Apr 28, 2015


Changed the size of Rich Editor.

Apr 27, 2015


Support partials and layouts.

Apr 27, 2015


Improved the Rich editor.

Apr 22, 2015


Fixed the blank theme issue.

Apr 18, 2015


Works with all themes.

Apr 08, 2015


Fixed minor issue.

Apr 07, 2015


Support CMS contents.

Apr 03, 2015


First version of Quick Edit.

Mar 12, 2015