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Web studio BIZ-MARK- Russian web-design and software development agency. We build websites for small and medium-sized businesses and help them to automate their business processes and enter a market using web tech.

Our approach

  1. We deeply investigate our customer business and do not operate ‘blindly’
  2. We are aimed to develop our customer business as it is connected with our growth as well
  3. We can always help and educate without extra costs
  4. All our colleagues are responsible for their specific process, so all the activities are performed consistently and precisely

Our Plan

  1. Tasks discussions
  2. Our customer consultation on Web tech by presenting topical tech in web-site building
  3. Project plan and business development strategy personally
  4. Documentation issuing is free We sign the contracts only when we get complete understanding of the task and define the result. So only to steps are left
  5. Sign the contract
  6. Project development

Why our customer chose us?

We have a big team and each colleague is involved in his/her specific development field, what means that you do not need other suppliers. We complete our job well and have average prices in the market. Being always involved in our job, we are always on the line. Our customer is small and med-seized business. We can communicate with all members of our customer’s team. Both with directors or the whole marketing team. We always frank and objective with our customers.

What do you get working with us? — Clear business plan — Permanent feedback 24/7 — Project involvement — Complete product which works

If you have a project idea, please consult us using the contacts below, and we will consult you clearly and free.

Why do we use October CMS?

We pick instruments with open code and thus work with October CMS which works on Laravel framework. We have started to use October simultaneously with market leaders and have been developing our own projects for the last 7 years. Not only that, but we developed more than 14 plugins for the October CMS, which is now broadly used by programmers throughout the world. We grew and loved October and highly appreciate customers who share our vision.

Our success, which you will like. — Starting from 2015 we helped many small manufactures to build their own web shops and datamarts. — Helped startups with MVPs — In B2B field CRM which we developed is used

By 2022 we achieved the following:

— Completed more than 100 projects in 30 different fields — Wrote more than 500 tech requirements — Designed more than 3000 pages — In copywriting field, wrote more than 1 million symbols — Developed more than 14 plugins for October CMS — Transferred more than 10 websites to October CMS — Got the 1st place in Russia in number of websites developed using CMS October

We are proud that we build our own project and use the best technologies.


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