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Open Settings –> Payment Methods, create new or update existing payment method, on Gateway tab select Uniteller and fill up the required fields.

Notification service configuration

Open Uniteller account at Uniteller web-site then -> Points of sale, click on wrench icon of your shop.

In URL-address notification shop field add: https://mywebsite.ru/shopaholic/uniteller

Capturing user after the successful or failed payment

This gateway using standard Shopaholic's event system.

Example of capturing user redirect:

// Success
$obEvent->listen(BizMark\UnitellerShopaholic\Classes\Helper\PaymentGateway::EVENT_SUCCESS_URL, function ($obOrder) {
    return Page::url('order-complete-page', ['slug' => $obOrder->secret_key]);

// Fail
$obEvent->listen(BizMark\UnitellerShopaholic\Classes\Helper\PaymentGateway::EVENT_FAIL_URL, function ($obOrder) {
    return Page::url('order-failed-page', ['slug' => $obOrder->secret_key]);

First version of Uniteller-Shopaholic

Jul 12, 2019