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Tinkoff integration for OctoberCMS Shopaholic

Payment method for Shopaholic that allows your customers to pay using bank cards, Apple Pay, Google pay and etc. through Tinkoff Gateway.

To be able to use this gateway, make sure you are the business client of Tinkoff.


  • One click install and intuitive settings.
  • All test checks completed from Tinkoff requirements
  • Full support of 54-ФЗ (54-FL Learn more)
  • Divided settings of fiscal cheque method for order positions and for shipping
  • English language is supported
  • Tech support is available if bugs occured
  • Constant updates to latest API requirements

© 2021, Biz-Mark under Commercial License.

Developed by Nick Khaetsky at Biz-Mark.


Buy plugin at OctoberCMS Marketplace, and attach it to your project.


Open Settings –> Payment Methods, create new or update existing payment method, on Gateway tab select Tinkoff and fill Terminal key and secret key that you get from Tinkoff after creating shop in personal account.

Completing test checks of payment gateway for Tinkoff

  1. Install plugin and configure it.
  2. Go to your account in Tinkoff and open terminal settings.
  3. Read instructions and complete tests

Capturing user after the successful or failed payment

This gateway using standard Shopaholic's event system.

Example of capturing user redirect:

// Success
$obEvent->listen(BizMark\TinkoffShopaholic\Classes\Helper\PaymentGateway::EVENT_SUCCESS_URL, function ($obOrder) {
    return Page::url('order-complete-page', ['slug' => $obOrder->secret_key]);

// Fail
$obEvent->listen(BizMark\TinkoffShopaholic\Classes\Helper\PaymentGateway::EVENT_FAIL_URL, function ($obOrder) {
    return Page::url('order-failed-page', ['slug' => $obOrder->secret_key]);

© 2020, Biz-Mark under Commercial License.

Developed by Nick Khaetsky at Biz-Mark.


Added composer.json for compitability with October CMS v2

May 07, 2021


Addded missing en lang strings

Dec 25, 2020


Compatibility with PHP 7.4

Sep 24, 2020


First version of TinkoffShopaholic

Sep 01, 2020