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General information

Instructions in Russian

A simple payment method for Shopaholic that allows your customers to pay for orders using bank cards. Allow your customers to pay for orders on the site using a convenient payment gateway from Yandex. It accepts almost every bank card clients can have. For more information – Yandex Kassa


  • One click install and intuitive settings.
  • Full support of 54-ФЗ (54-FL Learn more)
  • Divided settings of fiscal cheque method for order positions and for shipping
  • English language is supported
  • Constant updates to latest API requirements
  • Technical support, and quick response to fix the bugs

© 2021, Biz-Mark under Commercial License.

Developed by Nick Khaetsky at Biz-Mark.


Buy plugin at OctoberCMS Marketplace, and attach it to your project.


You must have a Yandex Kassa account. You can register it here.

Open Settings –> Payment Methods, create new or update existing payment method, on Gateway tab select Yandex Kassa and fill up the required fields.

All API credentials for using Yandex Kassa you can get on Yandex Kassa account page.

Notification service configuration

Open Yandex Kassa account page then -> Shop settings, find "HTTP-notifications" section. In "URL for notifications" field add: https://mywebsite.com/shopaholic/yandexkassa/ (change mywebsite.com to your domain).

And activate this events:

  • payment.succeeded
  • payment.waiting_for_capture
  • payment.canceled

54-FZ configuration

  • Buy or rent an online cash desk from one of Yandex.Kassa partners.
  • Conclude a contract with the Fiscal Data Operator (CRF).
  • Get a qualified electronic signature (CEP).
  • Register online checkout on the tax website (in the personal account of the legal entity).
  • Fill in the settings for working on 54-FZ in your Yandex.Kassa account.
  • Enable sending 54-FZ data in the payment method configuration of your website.

Capturing user after the successful or failed payment

This gateway using standard Shopaholic's event system.

Example of capturing user redirect:

$obEvent->listen(BizMark\YandexKassaShopaholic\Classes\Helper\PaymentGateway::EVENT_RETURN_URL, function ($obOrder) {
    return Page::url('order-complete-page', ['slug' => $obOrder->secret_key]);
  • Found the plugin useful on 15 Aug, 2019

    Very good plugin. Simple install and use. Хороший плагин, легко поставить, танцев с бубнами не нужно. Все летит в шлюз через make order. Из коробки интеграция с фз54

  • author

    Replied on 19 Aug, 2019

    Thanks for the review! Спасибо за отзыв!


Fixing price value of order position in 54-fz recipie. Updating Yandex SDK to 1.6.9

Dec 03, 2020


Fixing calculating discount price for order psoitions

Sep 29, 2020


Bumping SDK version and removing _MACOSX folder, that get to plugin by

Sep 13, 2020


Fixing bug with order price amout in 54fz

Jul 13, 2020


Fixing bug with quantity in 54fz

Jul 10, 2020


!!! 54-FZ configuration changes, dividing shipping subject method from goods PLEASE CHECK PAYMENT CONFIGRATION. Also updated Yandex php-sdk.

Jun 19, 2020


Fixing bug in 54-FZ that was not calculating total_price of order position

Apr 14, 2020


Fixing 54-FZ, shipping was not included in receipt

Mar 20, 2020


Phone number validation FIX

Feb 20, 2020


Changed internal extend variable name

Feb 18, 2020


Added Event for extending pruchase data before sending it to gateway

Feb 18, 2020


Fixing small bug with price value

Sep 11, 2019


Fixing small bug with 54-FZ

Aug 05, 2019


Reformatting cms_name in metadata object.

Jul 29, 2019


Additional information in request payload for Yandex statistics.

Jul 29, 2019


54-FZ with FFD 1.05 support

Jul 25, 2019


Init plugin

Jun 20, 2019

1.2.0 update brings new settings for shipping method subject calculation and mode for 54-FL, please reconfigure settings of payment method before continuing