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You must have a Yandex Kassa account. You can register it here.

Open Settings –> Payment Methods, create new or update existing payment method, on Gateway tab select Yandex Kassa and fill up the required fields.

All API credentials for using Yandex Kassa you can get on Yandex Kassa account page.

Notification service configuration

Open Yandex Kassa account page then -> Shop settings, find "HTTP-notifications" section. In "URL for notifications" field add: https://mywebsite.com/shopaholic/yandexkassa/ (change mywebsite.com to your domain).

And activate this events:

  • payment.succeeded
  • payment.waiting_for_capture
  • payment.canceled

Capturing user after the successful or failed payment

This gateway using standard Shopaholic's event system.

Example of capturing user redirect:

$obEvent->listen(BizMark\YandexKassaShopaholic\Classes\Helper\PaymentGateway::EVENT_RETURN_URL, function ($obOrder) {
    return Page::url('order-complete-page', ['slug' => $obOrder->secret_key]);

Init plugin

Jun 20, 2019