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There are multiple problems with my Success theme/template:

  • The uploaded (jpg) logo picture in the Brand Settings won’t show up on the pages, there’s a black “logo” text instead.
  • The uploaded favicon does not work.
  • The Owl Carousel does not work (empty).
  • The small Gallery at the bottom of pages does not work, because the subfolder that I installed the OctoberCMS in is duplicated in the generated URL’s (e.g. All the problems stated above may have been caused by this behavior, too.
  • The Maintenance Mode won’t work, somehow this is a hardly achievable goal in the OctoberCMS to have it… I've already met this. Yes, I’ve seen the default Error 500 page at first, but later, after changed it to a different page (which probably isn’t the casue), it’s just have been doing nothing. I have a clean, fresh OctoberCMS with the Success theme installed and no more, currently.

I don’t have experience how much work can be expected for the given price, but:

  • I’ve put a Contact section on the root page of my one-page theme, and it has a completely different header style (black vs. the theme’s primary color, etc.)
  • Some sections have option to change the background color easily, some have not, they are just white, etc.
  • Color settings is not well organized nor thorough, so it is hard to customize the look.
  • But there’s no documentation for nothing related to this theme at all to extend it.
  • Despite of being a one-page theme, this theme does not generate anchors to be linked to from the menus, etc., so I had to put them in Custom Html sections in the editor.

And this is the top Paid theme in OctoberCMS... I didn’t think that OctoberCMS is only useful with actually hiring some development studio to develop a homepage with a bearable amount of functions. I've already put a lot of time in this system.

Regards: Tibor K.

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Hello Tibor!

I have been testing the problems you have about the logo, gallery, owl carousel and others but unfortunately I have not been able to confirm them. Those issues have to do with the particular Octobercms installation. All upload methods are based on native Octobercms upload method using mediafinder fields, so the path issues has nothing to do with theme. But if you can't find any solution to this issue i will try to help you. You can give me credentials to take a look.

For the customization of the colors in the "custom" option, some options are given to change some colors with ease. Changing Primary and Secondary colors will give you the basic colors of theme to your own style. If you need any extra customization just inform me and i will try to add it. If you believe that some options need to be changed to work in better way just let me know.

This theme is not made to be used as a One Page Theme, you have to do some custom work to make it happen. If you have problems i can help you with that.

This theme is a client friendly theme that gives you the tools to create a custom website using ready made sections with custom fields. If you need any help you can always ask me and i will do my best.

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