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obrt.maruzin64649 said:


I like your theme and it has functionalities I'm looking for just a...

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d.finocchietti55367 said:

I have installed the translation module but how can I use it in the theme...

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dev64420 said:

Hi, Just installed the Clear on my existing October CMS build when I go to the site ...

Posted in Error when installing.

fphilip54381 said:

Hi, I'm using the Clear theme contact form, works well, excepted regarding phone...

Posted in Contact form : no update in front end

fphilip54381 said:

Hi Charis, thanks. Ok, found in the clear theme baught yesterday, but not in the...

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fphilip54381 said:

Hi, I use October in french langage, and clear theme. all works well, but some t...

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Ivan said:

In the footer, the email subscription box throws an error "AJAX handler 'mailSignup::onS...

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Ivan said:

But this was an issue opened in December of 2019. Shouldn't php7.4 be supported by build...

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ivanizhbi64023 said:

When I tried using php7.3 it seamed to work. However, is this theme compatible...

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ionut_chirita61689 said:

I want to have a product with a default option. To click directly on Buy b...

Posted in How to display a product without the Options section?