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webmaster57778 said:

We had to hard-code the sitekey, adjusting contact1.htm - replacing [ data-sit...

Posted in reCaptcha using MagicForms not taking site key

webrookie said:

Hi, I have a component and I made a snippet trying to insert into the page but is n...

Posted in can I add snippets from component? how

If you want to create multiple websites you need a extended license.
If you have to add a com...

Posted in I have a component or a snippet and I need to add it to the page. Is it possible. I can see that the layout can not be change. Can I use another layout for the block page?

hosting64176 said:

Hi, would you be able update the jquery version.. The current min version is vul...

Posted in Possible to update jquery?

webmaster57778 said:

Cards2 seems fine with same image

This has been fixed on latest theme version...

Posted in Image placement using Cards1 (cards1.htm) - non functional

webmaster57778 said:

Same issue that was addressed in your "Multipurpose Theme" i.e. Under Pages (a...

Posted in External Link in Menu Attributes non-functional

webmaster57778 said:

I purchased the theme, all installed, bound to project, etc. - you might want...

Posted in Initial slide has "Read More" | "Purchase" buttons - confusing

dan_gell62806 said:

Is there issues with using Dedugbar and this theme? I install the the plugin an...

Posted in Issues with Debugbar

l4x1ty said:

Great, just tried you solution and it works. Thank for the quick reply

I manag...

Posted in Catalog page and menu problem on october v2.0.13

l4x1ty said:

Hello, The Catalog menu/page seams to not work:

  • I've made a fresh install of octoberc...

Posted in Catalog page and menu problem on october v2.0.13