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PolloZen.MostVisited is no longer available so the dependency is removed from Themes. I forgo...

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elearning.bbppketindan78731 said:

Is there any chance to generate google api key without payment? b...

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elearning.bbppketindan78731 said:

Google Maps cannot be display.. with this error message: Geocode ...

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Tciferblat said:

The Slider block has an issue in Firefox browser. When the caption position = left...

Posted in Problem with slider block (Firefox browser)

gorbiromaric56271 said:

Good morning, I just bought the theme Creator, and I would like to know if ...

Posted in Work in local on my laptop and move all the setup on my prod server

kovacicsaso16496 said:

Hi, I get an error during installation on OctoberCMS 3.2.10.

"Update Failed ...

Posted in Problem with installation

I can't replicate this error. I can save changes on theme settings without any issue.

Are there a...

Posted in Call to undefined method Cms\Classes\Theme::fill()

baberuth22 said:

I'm running October 3 and I get this error when trying to create my first product ...

Posted in Can't Create First Product

In new installation with php v8.1 Octobercms v3.2.1 and latest Agora theme version v1.1.12 th...

Posted in Uncaught ReferenceError: AOS is not defined

craftelectric said:

Link to tags on category page not working example on this page... https://creat...

Posted in Link to tags on category page not working