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Hi Jawad

Thank you for this plugin, it (almost) does everything I want. I especially like the fact that it puts the contact message in the database, then emails a notification, and provides an inbox and reply option -- brilliant.

I have a question, or maybe it's a feature request :)

I can override the default partial as per the instructions here .

This means that by using component aliases I can have more than one contact form for different types of contact.

So, can I add new fields to the form and have them also stored in the database, and readable in the Inbox at /backend/zainab/simplecontact/simplecontact ?

For example, in one form I need a postal address field, and in another I need a list of options. It would also be good to have a hidden field to categorize each form.


thank you for your good words, you can add multiple forms.

If you want to add extra fields, you have to change the plugin.

may be in near future i'll add those fields you mentioned.


Thank you for your reply, Jawad

The option to add any field to a form would make your contact plugin practically perfect from my point of view. Still, for general contact it's excellent.

Best wishes Alan

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