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I would like to have custom error messages in an AJAX form.
Most especially, it would be goo...

Posted in Custom validation messages in AJAX forms

Hi @jacksun

I've never had to do this but, in theory, it should work.
I haven't tested this, so pro...

Posted in How to rollback User Plugin to 1.3.4?

Edit: Accepted Issue on GitHub
See also http://sta...

Posted in `php artisan down` yields an error page

Thank you, @pouria, especially for the video link.

I decided to create a new contact page and make ...

Posted in Can Builder plugin access other tables?

Can Builder import data from other tables?

I'm using a contact plugin (not my code) which stores co...

Posted in Can Builder plugin access other tables?

Hi @troiscent19327

Try {{url('/')}}

See How do i get base url in OctoberCMS?

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Thank you for your reply, Jawad

The option to add any field to a form would make your contact plugi...

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Hi Jawad

Thank you for this plugin, it (almost) does everything I want. I especially like the fact ...

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Has anyone else noticed this?

Build 376. Might have happened with older builds too. Browser Chromiu...

Posted in Backend logout not always successful

Thank you, @woganmay

Looks like a well-written guide with some useful info and pointers.

However, ...

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